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Education Corporation (EC)

Education Corporation (EC) (Registered Global United Network Sdn Bhd) is an independent multinational firm with more than 5 years of experience in Malaysia and more than 15 years in Pakistan in  the fields of management and human resources. Since 1997, we have been successfully providing our clients with business, Education and professional education solutions, as well as expertise in the organization, management and development of human resources.

EC offers an impressive range of training, consulting and research services. Our experienced multilingual consultants provide these services to a large number of organizations, both private and public. We pride ourselves on our record of accomplishment and long-standing relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since we started business.

Our qualified and experienced training consultants work with our clients to ascertain their real training and development needs and provide interactive training programmes that fit seamlessly with their organisation’s requirements and culture. Within these training programmes we offer the use of advance tools, a coaching service, produce self-managed learning resources and facilitate group learning through the use of training courses and team building events. We provide Education & training consultancy services in Canada, UAE, Europe, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Africa.


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Education Corporation (EC)  is management training , Education Consultant and E-learning  Solutions.

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